Boy's Mother Secures Lifetime Of Beatings

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You might ask yourself: What is it, exactly, that the "Kentucky Commission on Human Rights" does? Do they make sure that the varmint menace is vanquished? Are they there to clear the way for Kige Ramsey's right to free speech? Nope: They make sure boys can be cheerleaders.

Little Bobby Thorn — that's him in the picture — just wanted to be a cheerleader, but he was not allowed on the team, even though he clearly was the best at kicking, jumping and sis-boom-bahing. So his mother got together with the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights and sued the school. And won.

In the settlement agreement, the school admits no wrongdoing but the commission has ordered mandatory training for the principal, teachers and coaches at the school. In addition, school administrators must submit an annual report to the commission for the next three years and include any additional complaints.

The school also agreed to pay $3,000 to Bobby's mother. "It was a long process, but I knew in my heart I did the right thing for my child to tell him not to back down," [the mom] said.


His mom got 3,000 clams. And little Bobby Thorn gets to be the guy whose mom sued the school to get him on the cheerleading team. Forever. That should work out well for him.

UPDATE: Evidently this is a huge story in Kentucky. Here's a video.

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