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Boys Will Be Boys

The Artist Formerly Known As "Pacman" Jones is in the middle of another troubling incident just a couple of months after his controversial reinstatement back into the NFL. The trouble-making defensive back was reportedly involved in a scuffle with his bodyguard early Wednesday morning that resulted in a damaged bathroom and a visit from the local police. The Cowboys have no comment, saying they were "unaware of the incident" and the NFL is also keeping quiet. Jones' Tennessee lawyer said he has talked to his client but also declined comment. (How lucrative a job is it being Pacman Jones' personal attorney?) The specifics about what happened are vague — Jones' name doesn't show up on the official police report — but the DMN's sources claim that Pacman, his girlfriend and two of his bodyguards had some dinner, popped over to the Joule Hotel so Pac could hang with his buddy Ludacris. Witnesses said Pac was looking a little tipsy and also skipped out on his dinner bill. And....why weren't any charges filed again? Obviously, depending on the veracity of Pacman's alleged misbehavior, this could have career-changing ramifications, but according to PFT, the Cowboys could also be in trouble because the bodyguards hired to follow Pac were actually babysitters hired by the team, which is a no-no. Your move, Tank Johnson. Dallas Cowboys Jones Involved in Altercation [Dallas Morning News] NFL declines comment on report of Pacman fight [PFT]


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