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Bracket Breakdown: East Region

Later today, we'll begin rolling out our Tidbit previews of each team/first-round matchup, but to kick us off, we're gonna look at each region. Here's the East region. We're so glad they're calling it "East" again, instead of "Charlotte," though "Charlotte" is a quite lovely word.

Best Storyline: Say what you will, but we desperately want to see Oklahoma play Boise State again, in any sort of collegiate postseason capacity. What's the hoops equivalent of the Statue of Liberty play? The picket fence? Perhaps the Globetrotters have the answer.


Worst Storyline: Did the tournament committee punish Butler with such a difficult early run because they were stuck in Indianapolis when making the selections? The answer, obviously, is yes: Have you been to Indianapolis?

Everyone's Favorite Upset: George Mason is catching the attention, but we're eyeing that Washington State-Winthrop game.

Odd Fact: American University, making its first appearance ever in the NCAA Tournament, was inspired by a letter written by George Washington calling for a "national university." In the early '90s, school president Richard E. Berendzen left his position because he was making obscene phone calls. Really.

Most Handsome Man: Tyler Hansbrough. Obviously.

Most Skipable First Round Game: Oklahoma-St. Joseph's.

And, some predictions from around the Internets:

Dick Vitale: North Carolina.
Jay Bilas: North Carolina.
Bob Knight: North Carolina.
Stuart Mandel: North Carolina.
Gregg Doyel: North Carolina.
DEADSPIN: North Carolina. We were all set to make Tennessee our "surprise" Final Four pick ... but not in this bracket.

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