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Bracket Breakdown: West Region

We wrap up our look at each region (before ceding the floor to Storming The Floor for more in-depth looks. Here's the West region. We're so glad they're calling it "Wet" again, instead of "Phoenix," though "Phoenix" is a beautiful place full of happy people and cacti.

Best Storyline: Will everyone enjoy the schadenfreude of another early Duke exit? Perhaps the two most likable teams in the tournament — Baylor and Georgia — both ended up here.


Worst Storyline: Is that team really called the Delta Devils? Really?

Everyone's Favorite Upset: More people are going to pick Georgia in this bracket than really should. Something about that Connecticut-San Diego game lingers in our loins as well.

Odd Fact: This is the fourth tournament appearance for Drake. The first three times, they made at least the Elite Eight.

Most Handsome Man: Mike Krzyzewski.

Most Skipable First Round Game: BYU-Texas A&M.

And, some predictions from around the Internets:

Dick Vitale: UCLA.
Jay Bilas: UCLA.
Bob Knight: UCLA.
Stuart Mandel: UCLA.
Dennis Dodd: UCLA.
DEADSPIN: Duke. Yes. We've predicted a Duke-UNC final. What of it?

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