Brad Ausmus Put His Rage-Quit Sweatshirt Up For Auction

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If the venn diagram of your interests has an overlap between “helping charity” and “Brad Ausmus memorabilia”, oh boy, you won’t believe what MLB has in store for you. For the low price of $10, you can increase the bid on this live auction for Brad Ausmus’ authentic home plate meltdown sweatshirt. Who wouldn’t want to adorn a den or garage with the only known sweatshirt Brad Ausmus has ever covered home plate with after getting ejected. This is the Shroud of Turin of the 2016 MLB season.


As of publication, there is a week left and the current price is $1,320. All proceeds apparently will go to charity.

Following his ejection, a clubhouse attendant collected the items from the field and returned them to the Manager’s office. Ausmus donated the items direclty to the Detroit Tigers Foundation with the goal of raising money for youth baseball in Detroit. Proceeds from this auction will direclty benefit the Tiny Tigers t-ball program funded by the Detroit Tigers Foundation at Detroit PAL. Neither item has been washed since the May 16 game


So if you have a silly amount of disposable income and you are a Brad Ausmus megafan, well, good luck.

h/t Joseph