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Fucking Brad Childress. Only this prick would decline an offsides penalty on first down to take a seven-yard gain. Or dress like a woman on the flight to Pittsburgh to motivate his team. Wait, what?

From Chris Mortensen's Twitter feed comes this rather odd story about the Vikings head coach.

So coach Brad Childress dressed up like a female flight attendant, high heels, wig, blue hose, wig...and still a beard on the flight.

I'm told Childress had given a little lecture earlier to the team, reminding them to show the utmost respect to all flight attendants.


Um… okay. I guess flight attendant etiquette would be a good idea for a team like the Vikings, lest Bryant McKinnie decide to head into the bathroom with one and eat her pussy out over the sink.

But I'd prefer it if Childress spend less time putting on blue pantyhose and making players reach for their in-seat vomit bags, and more time finding ways to NOT FUCKING SIT ON THE FUCKING BALL WITH FUCKING FOUR GODDAMN MINUTES LEFT IN THE HALF. FUCKING DIPSHIT.

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