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Apologies in advance for this item. You should know that, if you click on it, there will be a Britney Spears photo, the weekend box office receipts for Alvin and the Chipmunks, and the headline: Jamie Lynn's baby-daddy is a 'lying, cheating dog.' Hey, it's New Year's Eve; who's reading this anyway? On to the Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson news.

Although Patriots quarterback Tom Brady seems more the go-to man for football advice, not relationship advice (just ask Bridget Moynahan), Brady has reached out to Jessica Simpson's new man, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, to warn him about bringing his girl to games. "After that debacle of a game with Jessica being flashed on the screens during every play, Tom told Tony to put a stop to allowing Jess to come to games. Think about it: How often do you see Gisele [Bundchen] cheering Tom on?" said a friend of Brady's.


Frankly I get a kick out of the image of Brady and Romo talking to each other on the phone about their girlfriends. Are they lying on their respective beds, with stuffed animals all around, and a lot of open magazines? Is one of Romo's magazines Tiger Beat?

Keep Jessica Away From Games, Says Tom Brady [MSNBC]

(UPDATE: Watchdog claims Gisele was there after all. We thought we could trust you, Tom.)

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