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Remember that famous "Saturday Night Live" sketch, in which William Shatner famous told Trekkies to "get a life, for crying out loud, it's just a TV show?" Even though it was just a sketch, it took him years to make it up to his rabid and most loyal supporters. We suspect Brady Quinn, in a much less innocent and joking fashion, is about to go through the same thing.

Apparently, Quinn ended up outside a gay bar, where he tried to start a fight and began firing off the slurs.

On the 9-1-1 call, Harris said that "Brady Quinn from the Browns" was "trying to cause a fight." Harris told the operator, "I just walked outside and he exchanged many profanities with me and called me a faggot, of course."

Reached Monday by The Plain Dealer, Harris confirmed that Quinn was the person who used the slur. "I knew who it was," he said. "It wasn't just directed at me, there were other people around, too."


Considering Quinn's fanbase — that is to say, at this point, his only fans — is largely gay men, we are not sure this was the wisest move to make. Of course, because Quinn is a human being, it's also discouraging to see Quinn act like such a dick. We knew he was a dope ... but we wouldn't have suspected gathering with a gaggle of friends for some gay-taunting.

Of course, considering most of the photos of Quinn that have popped up, perhaps it's just an involved, complicated mating dance.


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