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Brady Quinn-Derek Anderson Feud Gets Catty

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Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn are both listed as No. 1 on the Browns depth chart, although I don't believe the NFL's plan to add a second football to gameplay will take effect this year. So let the sabotage begin!

John Clayton half-heartedly reported that Quinn and Anderson were quarterbacking opposite teams in an inter-squad scrimmage on Sunday, when Anderson's helmet radio went on the fritz. Anderson was forced to use hand signals to call plays—signals which Quinn is obviously familiar with. So Anderson claims that Quinn instructed his defense on how to interpret the signals, rendering Anderson quite ineffective. Diabolical!

I have no idea if this kind of treachery is frowned upon in NFL training camps, but what would we do this season without a backstabbing quarterback controversy? I'm sure Eric Mangini likes to see his boys take some initiative. Their battle is currently a dead heat, but don't be surprised if Quinn gets Gilloolyed before the first preseason game.


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