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We haven't checked in on Brady Quinn in a while: How's our favorite flashdancer doing?

Well, he's making some bad bets with Rodney Peete. (Oh, hey, look: Rodney Peete!) Apparently Brady, quite wisely, wagered that Notre Dame would beat USC last weekend. Smart! His penance: Wearing a USC jersey. As usual, Brady's just worried about his smooth, smooth skin.

So, for the day's interview, the Browns QB pulled the #10 cardinal-and-gold item out of his locker, and slipped it on. But Brady did come prepared: "That's why I've got extra layers on, so it doesn't actually touch any part of my body.


So does this mean he always makes bets with former NFL quarterbacks? If so, the above picture is easily explained by a failed bet with Kordell Stewart.

Brady Quinn Wears USC Jersey After Losing Bet [Sports By Brooks]

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