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Brandon Belt Was Pumped About Getting To 69

Last night, Giants first baseman Brandon Belt launched a home run into the bay just beyond his home ballpark’s right-field fence. These homer are known as Splash Hits in San Francisco, and the team keeps track of how many have been hit with a big counter on the outfield wall. Belt’s dinger was the 69th Splash Hit—nice—and after the game he was happy to discuss the achievement.


There’s a lot to love about this interview. Belt’s being asked about the accomplishment as if it were an actual historical feat, and not something that’s funny because in involves the sex number. Look at how straight-faced everyone is! Even Belt is in “both teams played hard” autopilot, and coasts through answers like he’s talking about a 17-game hitting streak, not his own glee at making the funny sex number happen. We sincerely hope that the 70th Splash Hit doesn’t come too quickly, because Belt deserves the opportunity to really savor his 69.


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