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Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham made one of the more impressive, albeit statistically unrecognized, plays to thwart the first of Green Bay’s two important fourth-quarter red-zone drives Thursday night. On second-and-goal from the one-yard line, Graham sniffed out a play-action bootleg play, cut off Aaron Rodgers behind the line, and pressured Rodgers into throwing the ball away. The Packers would go on to turn the ball over on downs, and the Eagles eventually escaped Lambeau with a 34–27 victory.

When it was over, Graham was determined to hold to account the many haters and losers who’d predicted his team’s demise before the game. There in his very own post-game locker room was NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Derrick Gunn, who’d cited injuries, a lackluster pass-rush, and the looming greatness of “A-Rod in his prime” in predicting a 27–17 Packers win. In a truly inspired moment, Graham didn’t stop with dispensing the business for Gunn’s unadulterated hateration; with “Brick House” blaring in the background, Graham called up his own mother on FaceTime and so that she could lay eyes on his foe:


Gunn, having been laid low by this righteous scolding, later described dealing with Graham as “some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my career.” Clearly this is a desperate attempt to appease Mama Graham, who has now seen Gunn’s face and knows exactly where he can be found.

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