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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Brandon Marshall: Kind Of A Crybaby

Illustration for article titled Brandon Marshall: Kind Of A Crybaby

Denver probably thought all their troubles were gone when they shipped Jay Cutler out of town, but now they've got an even bigger problem child on their hands in Brandon Marshall. The operative word being "child."


Marshall has not played in either of the Broncos preseason games because he fully admits that he hasn't bothered to learn the playbook. Then he threw a temper tantrum at practice on Wednesday (helpfully captured by local news crews), by walking through running drills, punting balls across the field instead of giving them to ball boys, and knocking down passes instead of catching them. Basically just being a gigantic baby. He was not allowed to practice on Thursday as a result.

The disgruntled wide receiver told ESPN last night that he isn't trying to force a trade, even though he's been asking for one for months. That's good news, because no one is going to want to trade for a spoiled brat wide receiver. (There's plenty of those to go around.) He says he's "frustrated" over ... playing in Denver, I guess, and apologized for his behavior. That doesn't mean he's suddenly interested in cooperating with offense, however.


So for now Denver is stuck with him, their only recourse being a maximum four-game suspension. UPDATE: And that's exactly what they've done. He's just been suspended for the rest of the preseason for "conduct detrimental to the team."

Of course, there is one constant between both the Jay Cutler saga and the Marshall one—Josh McDaniels. The only thing he seems to have accomplished in his first offseason is pissing off his team's two best players and winning the respect of no one. Should be a good year in Broncoland!

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