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On last night's episode of MLB Tonight, analyst Mitch Williams said something stupid. That's not necessarily noteworthy, because Mitch Williams says stupid things all the time, but on this particular occasion his stupidity involved Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy.

"If you don't pitch in, this is what's gonna happen." - Mitch Williams, during a clip of @BMcCarthy32's injury last year.

— Heard on MLB Tonight (@HeardOnMLBT) July 11, 2013

The incident Williams was referring to while making his ridiculous point was this horrific moment, which almost killed McCarthy.


McCarthy, being the intelligent guy that he is, decided that he wasn't going to let Williams slide on this one. After sending a go-fuck-yourself tweet to Williams, he went on to do what every Twitter user worth his or her salt knows how to do: he started a meme.

"If you go to autotrader dot com this is what's gonna happen"- Mitch Williams, talking over a clip of an 8 car pileup

— Brandon McCarthy (@BMcCarthy32) July 11, 2013

"If you teach your child to throw a football, this is what will happen"- Mitch Williams, over a clip of Tom Brady's knee injury

— Brandon McCarthy (@BMcCarthy32) July 11, 2013

And then, wonderfully, McCarthy's followers started getting in on the act:

@BMcCarthy32 "If you're going to ask for a dog, this is what's going to happen," - Mitch Williams watching Old Yeller with his kids

— Ben Enos (@Benjiii15) July 11, 2013

@BMcCarthy32 "If you build a boat, this is what's gonna happen"- Mitch Williams reviewing some Titanic footage

— Kyle Fielder (@Brave_Chief) July 11, 2013

@BMcCarthy32 "If you try to break tackles this is what's going to happen" Mitch Williams over a clip of Marcus Lattimore

— Salvador (@slpirate53) July 11, 2013

@BMcCarthy32 "If you fail out of art school this is what happens" -Mitch Williams on the Third Reich

— Ryan M (@Bulbastroyed43) July 11, 2013

@BMcCarthy32 "If you sit down on a toilet, this is what happens." - Mitch Williams.

— AJ Jones (@justplainaj) July 11, 2013

In the future, Mitch Williams would be wise to only say stupid things about players who do not have active Twitter accounts.

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