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If Georgia's Washaun Ealey didn't want his eyes gouged out by Florida's Brandon Spikes, then maybe he shouldn't have worn a helmet that allows for pesky weaknesses like "vision."

A few people who weren't working on the CBS crew for Saturday's Georgia-Florida game noticed Spikes giving Ealey the business at the bottom of a pile in the third quarter. The referees were also oblivious as no penalty was called, despite the fact that Spikes was not exactly subtle about the maneuver. Given the SEC's officiating record this season that's not surprising, but it will be even more surprising if Spikes actually gets benched and/or suspended for hitting a guy underneath his face mask.


When asked about the incident Urban Meyer said that if it turns out to be true (which it obviously is) then he would have a "very serious talk" with Spikes. The idiot was supposed to go for the windpipe! That soft flesh is much more exposed and also less obvious to TV cameras.

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UPDATE: Spikes has been suspended for one half of one game. Against Vanderbilt. URBAN MEYER RULES WITH IRON FISTS! I assume it will be the second half once Florida has secured a 70-point lead. [AP]

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