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Brandon Weeden is older than the average rookie due to a minor-league baseball stint before a return to football. That's why it was funny when a Browns' program accidentally listed him at 129 years of age. An actual discrepancy in Weeden's football career, however, is much more telling of how veteran-tastic he is. Back in April, wrote up small blurbs on the players taken in the first round of the NFL Draft. As you can see in the image below, everyone has clickable pages to see more of their football stats and recruiting information—everyone, but Weeden.


Searching for Brandon Weeden does return one result: a wide receiver from Mandeville, La. from the class of 2009. Not the one we're looking for. So if you want quarterback Brandon Weeden's high school stats, I don't know, try contacting his alma mater, Edmond Santa Fe High School? Go Wolves!

One final note: yesterday was Brandon Weeden's birthday. He is now a mature 29. Happy belated, Brandon!

H/t to Giovanni and Jack.

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