Braylon Edwards May Have Started The Nightclub Brawl He Allegedly Wasn't Involved In

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We told you yesterday about free agent wide receiver Braylon Edwards' most recent legal trouble—according to My Fox Detroit, Edwards was on the periphery of a brawl that broke out at a nightclub in Birmingham, Michigan.


Turns out Edwards wasn't on the periphery: He was the instigator.

"If it wasn't for Braylon and his ego, this whole situation never would have happened," a source who was present tells us.

The Observer and Eccentric reports today that "Edwards was more involved in the incident than originally reported," although no charges have been filed against Braylon. Here's more on that involvement.

According to our South Bar source, a bus boy will press charges against Edwards shortly. Our source tells us the busboy's "built like a linebacker," and Braylon charged him.

The whole thing began when Braylon and his cousins got heated with a group of men—our source says "thugs"—from Detroit. Bouncers asked the thugs to leave, and they did, but Braylon was still peeved, because the thugs had showed him up. "We basically saved Braylon's life by talking the thugs out of brawling with his crew," the source says.

Then, Braylon "decided to rush into the kitchen and attack the bus boy by throwing punches and throwing him to the ground." But Braylon and his entourage—according to the Observer and Eccentric, they were Braylon's cousins, Tre and Edmund Wright—were soon surrounded by bouncers. They responded by stabbing bar staff. (Both men have been charged with one count of felonious assault).


We're told bouncers held those two down until police arrived, but other elements of the entourage slipped away through the club's back door, and evaded interaction with the police.

An owner of South Bar declined to comment on these specific allegations. She said, "Braylon was present and involved." They're cooperating with the Birmingham Police, though they've told all the club's employees not to speak to the media.


The Birmingham Police Department has not returned a request for comment, and Edwards' attorney, Peter Frankel, was in court when we called. More as we get it.