Brazil Hands USA's Kerri Walsh Jennings Her First-Ever Olympic Beach Volleyball Loss

Beach volleyball genius Kerri Walsh Jennings has played in every Summer Olympics since 2004, racking up three gold medals and losing precisely zero matches along the way. That ended in Tuesday’s semifinals as Brazil’s Agatha and Barbara defeated the defending champion and April Ross in straight sets.


In about 20 seconds of play, you’ll see the following: desperate one-handed digs, ludicrously quick recovery time after diving into the sand, finesse taps at the net, and precise spikes into the corner. Aside from being one of the most freakishly athletic sequences of these Olympics, the rally captured the overall flavor of this match. It was grueling and cleanly played, and the Brazilians cut short every comeback attempt.

Walsh Jennings still boasts a 26-1 Olympic record and will play for the bronze Wednesday night against Brazil’s França and Antunes.