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Break Up The 76ers! (Again!)

Back when Allen Iverson was traded to the Nuggets, nobody was sure what it would mean for Denver, but everyone agreed that it secured the 76ers' spot as frontrunners for either Kevin Durant or Greg Oden.


Turns out, not so much. As Rumors And Rants points out, not only have the Nuggets struggled since Carmelo Anthony and Iverson started playing together — they're 6-9 since Anthony returned from suspension — but the 76ers are, by the standards of the Eastern Conference, smokin', going 20-20 since the trade and on a seven-game win streak. (They're only four games out of the eighth and final playoff spot, if you can imagine that.)

Everyone could have seen the Nuggets' chemistry problems coming, but that the 76ers have "exploded" is beyond bizarre. (We're told there's some sort of Theory for this.) More proof that the Timberwolves need to trade Kevin Garnett this offseason, not for the picks and salary cap help, but for the championship rings.

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