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Perhaps you read our story earlier today, of Blue Jays fans Fiyaz Kanji and Owais Farooqui, who made the pilgrimage to Cooperstown this weekend to see Roberto Alomar enter the Hall. But during the parade, Alomar took the $50 t-shirt that belonged to Kanji.


"We were excited he took it at first," Kanji said. "Then we realized we weren't going to get it back. I want the damn shirt back."

Robbie, like a true Hall of Famer, rectified things shortly, he announced.

Inscrutable statement via, presented unabridged:

How funny what is printed regarding Roberto Alomar.... Let me make important mentions that Roberto Alomar saw the "You tube" video, and very graciously reached out via e-mail to the young man that owns the T-shirt. Not only will "Kanji" receive his shirt back, but he will also be receiving extra items in a personally offered package from Roberto Alomar. Hey... Let's face it... Your T-shirt will be a part of baseball historic video footage for life! The parade was awesome... And during the parade Robbie was given several items by fans...including flags, shirts and banners. Your Blue Jay t-shirt was honored during the parade, Robbie pridefully represented the Toronto Blue Jay T-shirt.... You will get it back my friend....Trust me, Robbie has enough Blue Jay shirts! Thank you for continuing to support Roberto Alomar!

Yes. Thank you for your continued support of Roberto Alomar, who has lots of t-shirts.

Statement Regarding Roberto Alomar, T-Shirt Thief []

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