Bret Bielema Flops, Draws Flag, Celebrates Like A Giddy Child

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Arkansas coach Bret Bielema pulled out all the stops in Saturday’s loss to Alabama, including a well executed stumble to draw an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Crimson Tide lineman Cam Robinson.

After Arkansas cornerback Santos Ramirez picked off Jake Coker’s deflected pass in the second quarter, Robinson appeared to shove Razorbacks lineman JaMichael Winston after the whistle. Bielema hopped in front of him and did his best “break it up” routine between the players, who were already separated at that point. When Robinson made the slightest contact, Bielema dramatically staggered backwards and drew the flag. It worked, and the joyous, giant baby employed as a football coach pumped his fist.

ESPN didn’t show a shot from the sideline, but here’s an alternate angle of the activity after the play:


Bielema has to appreciate the small victories, because he sure as hell isn’t getting actual ones.


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