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An email came into the Deadspin tip box yesterday with the subject "Packers robocalling residents about Favre", which said that Green Bay-area residents were getting polled via phone survey about what the Packers should do about The Number 4 Situation. It seemed a little farcical, but considering the fervency of Green Bay Packers' fandom, not out of the realm of possibility. Turns out it is true, and remarkably 10,000 of the cheeseheaded zealots took the time to answer these three questions:

What should Favre's role be with the Packers this season? 33 percent said he should start, almost 19 percent said he should be the backup, 14 percent player/coach and 34 percent said he should remain retired.
Should the Packers trade Favre? 73% said 'no.'
Would you feel betrayed if Brett won a Super Bowl with another team? 54% said 'yes.'


Somebody should really give Aaron Rodgers a call at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament to get his opinion. I'd be curious to hear his thoughts on this matter and then, after the call, watch how far he throws his cellphone. I bet it would be farther than Barkley's drive.

Green Bay-area Residents Polled On Favre Situation [MyFox N.E. Wisconsin]

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