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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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After starting more consecutive games than any quarterback in history, Brett Favre will (probably) never play another NFL game again. Will you miss him? Or can you not wait for him to go away?


Naturally, the internet has an opinion about this. What are people saying about the announcement that they didn't get to say the first time around....

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That's one way to look at it: "So however you choose to remember him: just keep this one thing in mind: Favre was great. He failed spectacularly, he succeeded epically, and he played the game the right way. Like anybody, he made mistakes, many of them on the field, and a few off of it, but he was only human. And while he probably should have hung up his cleats about three to four years earlier, his retirement as a battered Jet and not a glorified Packer doesn't tarnish a legacy that stacks up there with any of the NFL's greats." [Juiced Sports]


Thanks for mutton: All of the New York Jets faithful would really love to thank you for sharing your "magic" with them for one season. Would you also like to kick their dogs before you leave? [Jets Examiner]

A worthwhile pursuit:For someone who hates Brett Favre, you've really spent A LOT of time thinking about how awful he is. I can respect that. [Sparty and Friends]

That's not him: Whatever ... one a guy in a Jets helmet is as good as another. What do you want from Sports Illustrated? [Brew Town Beat]

Who's got next?: Hey, Minnesota. Meet your new quarterback. Come on, you know it's coming. [MSNBC]


Say hey?: It's not like he'd be the first "New Yorker" who didn't know when to let go. [What Would Oakley Do?]

Over/under: If only you could bet on this stuff. Actually, I haven't been to a sports book lately—you probably can. [Five Tool Tool]


But he can't break the record for love: Brett's many records are very impressive, but don't worry, Peyton Manning will take care of all that. [Simon on Sports]

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