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Brett Favre Ruins AFC East For Everybody

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Brett Favre threw his team's playoff chances right into the arms of the Miami Dolphins, giving them the AFC East title while keeping the 11-5 New England Patriots out of the playoffs.

The Jets might just be fed up with the decision making of their quarterback (last item), while in other AFC East quarterbacking news, NBC is disputing NBC's own report that Tom Brady's knee may or may not still be all messed up.

In the midst of all the postseason angling this afternoon, Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner didn't wait for the scoreboard to cool at Heinz Field before beginning his front office purge. General Manager Phil Savage is no more, having been let go just a short time ago. No news yet if Romeo Crennel will return next season, but the track record for inherited coaches isn't strong as it is.


Baltimore also locked down their wild card berth with a 27-7 dismissal of the Jaguars, who were kind enough to turn the ball over four times in their last game of the season.

Football Night in America is our must-see TV for the evening as the AFC West title is decided in tallest first grader manner. If there was to be a liveblog bingo card, center square would be Ed Hochuli.

Please stay and enjoy the game in pleasant company before finding a way to psych yourself up for a twoish-day work week. You've all been great again this weekend; find joy in the New Year.

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