Yesterday's inevitable Favre "itch" has given NFL writers mired in a mini-camp malaise and added story line — albeit one they've written every year for the past four or five years. What's interesting about how yesterday's NFL Live breakingnews went down was just how fortunate they were to have Al Harris in the studio the day that story breaks. Really, it must have been just the dumbshittiest of dumb luck that, the day ESPN gets some hold-the-phone Brett Favre news, they have the team's cornerback sitting right there. (Yeah, nice job, Mort!)

Of course the denials are starting to pour out of Favre ( l love how his hometown paper is usually one of the first places he talks to. Well, and Jay Glazer. And AL HARRIS, apparently.) and his agent Bus Cook's once again overusing the phrase "As far as I know..." We get it, Bus. You know nothing.

Based on some of the information that I've been told from sources not related to Bus Cook or Brett Favre, here's how it possibly went down: Mort gets a scoop from his various Packers' "sources "(whomever they may be...) starts to work on it. Harris is in the studio, so, Hey, let's ask him if he knows anything about it? He does? Really? What's Brett say...

"He's itchin to come back..."

That's enough. Let's run with it...have Mort pick up a phone and call in to make it sound legit...


Let's say that Favre did actually approach Mike McCarthy about coming back and McCarthy (and the Packers) told him "We're moving in another direction." Does Brett Favre still have that "itch" then? If you watched yesterday's NFL Live did you notice how quickly the conversation went from "Favre going back to the Packers" to "Other teams who need a quarterback." One of the teams that would make some sense for Brett to check into (and who ESPN has deemed a "likely" candiate) are the Minnesota Vikings . Even though Tarvaris Jackson has received the over-the-top accolades from head coach Brad Childress so far this year, the Vikings do have some other weapons that might benefit from having the ol' gunslinger under center.

But — but!— if Favre goes to another team...what would happen to ESPN's magical opening dedication and Favre jersey retirement ceremony during the Monday Night Football opener? Wouldn't that ruin it? Not if he's on the Vikings.

Bottom line: Brett Favre may come back. He's just not not heading back to Green Bay. The team was very much looking forward to putting Number 4 along the other retired jerseys that adorn Lambeau field — that way they know they can keep him off the field.


After all of this , does it mean that Al Harris will now get an NFL analyst contract with ESPN? They should. The guy's got great sources.

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