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Brett Favre Threatens To Leave His Kingdom

• Brett Favre asked the Packers to trade him after the draft, then changed his mind. [FOX Sports]
• Reggie Bush, putting it down on Kim Kardashian. [The Big Lead]
• The Jazz refuse t-shirts to the brokest of their fans. [Shakedown Sports]
• Checking in with the security guard at the club where Pac-Man Jones ... did whatever he did. Terribly sad. [Signal to Noise]
• How Rick Pitino wrecked two storied basketball institutions. [Sports Gone South]
• The Sporting News called Ed Orgeron the worst coach in the SEC, but here's a competition in which he could compete. [Loser With Socks]
• Um... [Tiger Underwear]
• You're going to have to drag Junior Seau off the football field. I wish someone would. [ESPN]


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