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Brett Favre's Just A Kid Out There Who Wants To End Your Career

As noted earlier, Brett Favre launched himself in the direction of Eugene Wilson's cruciate ligaments last night — an undeniable prick move that surely no one would chalk up to Favre's oft-cited youthful exuberance. Right?


I mean, there isn't any way that someone in the sporting press would take this occasion to remind us once again that Brett Favre is just a kid out there, yes? Not even Favre's many courtiers in the press box could watch the guy throw himself at a safety's knees — in a preseason game, no less — and say, eh, he's just having fun, correct? No one in his right mind would even think to use the phrase "youthful exuberance," right?


Right, Tim Dahlberg of the Associated Press?

Brett Favre's senior moment came early, when some temporary indecision led to Mario Williams dropping him to the turf in Houston. His stupid moment came late, when he lined up wide left and threw an ill-advised - and illegal - crackback block.

Chalk the first up to rust and age. Blame the second more on youthful exuberance.

It's going to be a very long season.

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