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Brett Favre's Mom Likes The Story About His Sexting Habits

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Here's an odd report from a reader who follows Bonita Favre's Facebook page. Apparently she's not too savvy when it comes to social media tools, or she just gets a kick out of her son's supposed Croc-out-with-his-cock-out habit.

As a scorned Packer fan, I'm enjoying the schadenfreude that goes along with the Favre-Sterger story. The other day, when an unnamed family member denied Favre's retirement, I did a google search for Scott Favre - the regular family mouth piece. His Facebook page popped up and I searched around his friends list to see if this was Brett's brother. Among those in his friends list is Bonita Favre - their mother. I checked back today to see if anybody on their friends list has mentioned the scandal, and I stumbled upon what I found to be an interesting nugget. Bonita's wall is available for the public to see, and on her wall is "Bonita likes Blog agog at Brett Favre ‘sexting' saga - on I clicked on the link thinking it was one of the "holier than thou" blogs about how Deadspin shouldn't be writing stories like this, but it was merely a story about the story being out there and Brett's mom "liked" it - twice.……

Granted, this is probably a case where an older computer user is confused about "liking" stuff on Facebook, but I would imagine that even at age 40, you don't want your mom to catch you masturbating, or taking pictures of masturbating, or sending those pictures to somebody not your wife, or wearing crocs.



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