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Brett Myers' Easily Misinterpreted Punches To The Face

So, remember that Philadelphia minority owner who said Brett Myers' wife was lying when she said he hit her? At the time, he was publicly shushed by the other owners, and now it's easy to see why.


The Philadelphia Inquirer published transcripts of the 911 calls, and, uh, they don't leave much room for interpretation. An excerpt:

I got a guy smacking a girl around right in front of the Hynes Convention Center. He's right in front of the fire station that's in front of the Hynes Convention Center. She's crying. She's got no shoes on. He's a pretty big guy in a white shirt. And he's hitting her hard. I saw it. A couple of other people saw it.

To be fair, "hitting her hard" is easy to misinterpret, as is "she's crying" and "smacking a girl around." If only she could have impaled him with the dislodged shoe, Single White Female-style.

Transcript Of 911 Calls [Philadelphia Inquirer] (via Baseball Musings)

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