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Brett Myers Is Raising His Son To Be A Redneck Off The Old Block

Those are very popular shirts at the Florida Wal-Mart: And there's nothing wrong with being a redneck — it seemly means you like working outside in the sun. Like his dad. [The Fightins]

Seat fillers aren't a bad idea for some of these games: Way too many empty seats today. [InGameNow]


ESPN's new penis ad: It's very classy. The woman looks positively terrified. [The Sports Hernia]

Cage fights are the only way to settle differences: Especially between young kids incarcerated at a youth home. It builds character. [DFW News]

A stirring interpretation of Kiper Vs. McShay: Mel Kiper's hair actually looks better in this bit than in real life. [YouTube]

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