Brewers Fan Tells Nyjer Morgan To Go Fly A Kite, So Nyjer Morgan Goes And Flies A Kite

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More evidence that Nyjer Morgan is a singular soul: Reader Todd responded to one of those tweets that public figures always release into the Twittersphere to make their followers feel acknowledged (this one: "Wat should ur boy do today?"), only this public figure (sure, why not?) happened to be Nyjer Morgan, baseball's eternally unabashed weirdo.

"Fly a kite!" Todd suggested, and so Plush went and flew a kite.

Something tells me that A-Rod would not have gone and flown a kite on the lakefront. Plush, whether he's doing it consciously or if he's just like this, operates on a principle that is rather unique for a professional athlete: he'll be as weird as he wants to be. We might just love him for it.