Brewers Ticket Plan Gives Fans Better Seats Each Time Milwaukee Wins

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The Brewers "won" the Kyle Lohse sweepstakes today, shoring up their rotation. So if Milwaukee fans are feeling optimistic about their team's chances, perhaps they'd like to wager their seats on it. The Brewers have introduced a unique nine-game ticket plan, and each time they win, fans get upgraded—perhaps all the way to the best seats in the house.

Via Reddit, it's called the Chance 2 Advance plan. For $99, you get tickets to nine selected Tuesday games. You start in Bernie's Terrace, the two sections of the left field upper deck in fair territory. Face value for those seats is $11, so it's not a discount. But when the Brewers win, you get bumped inward to the terrace for the next game. If they win some more, you're down in the loge. And so on. (Each bump carries a one-time fee of $2.) And if the Brewers happen to win all eight of your first eight games, you'll take in the ninth game from the diamond box, the first few rows between the dugouts.

Going 8-0 is unlikely, but it's just as unlikely the plan won't result in a markdown for buyers. Let's say they go 4-4. You'll wind up in the loge infield box, where tickets normally run $40 a pop.


As far as we can find, this is the first time a major league team has offered something like this. And while the basic concept of offering steep discounts to fill a park on slow Tuesday nights isn't new, the execution is exciting, like gambling, and it's refreshing. Reverse dynamic pricing: the better the team is, the cheaper the seats are.