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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Brian Hoyer Couldn't Remember The Plays After Suffering A Concussion

Illustration for article titled Brian Hoyer Couldnt Remember The Plays After Suffering A Concussion

The Houston Chronicle reports that Brian Hoyer will not play on Sunday vs. the Jets, with T.J. Yates starting and newly signed Brandon Weeden backing up. Hoyer has yet to pass the tests to get out of the NFL’s concussion protocol, after a scary reaction to what looked at the time like a workaday hit.


Hoyer was concussed on the first drive of the third quarter in Monday night’s win over the Bengals, when he was sacked by Domata Peko:


Good fat-guy sack dance from Peko, but head coach Bill O’Brien said Tuesday that Hoyer got it pretty bad.

“He got hit twice in the head on that play,” O’Brien said. “Once hitting [his head] on the ground and the other just in the course of the tackle.”

(It looked like the second blow to Hoyer’s head might actually have come from DT Pat Sims’s helmet, and not the ground.)

Hoyer stayed in the game for 14 more plays before being removed for Yates, but he wasn’t right.

“He wasn’t functioning correctly,” O’Brien said, “as to how we know he’d usually function calling a play, receiving a play and trying to communicate it to the offense.

“George pointed it out to me when the series was over and I went over to him and [Hoyer] said, ‘I’m having trouble remembering the plays right now,’ so that’s where he was at.”


Chronicle beat writer John McClain says Hoyer suffered “memory loss,” which is really scary when you call it what it is.

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