The Mets and Phillies experienced a brief delay in the first inning last night thanks to what is being variously described as Brian O'Nora's "flu like symptoms" or "illness." In all likelihood, however, the delay was probably due to Brian O'Nora vomiting up his chewing tabacco.

O’Nora left immediately after Daniel Murphy grounded out for the second out of the bottom half. He exited through the Mets dugout and apparently had an issue in their tunnel that manager Terry Collins had a good view of.

Nine minutes later, Adrian Johnson had changed into home-plate gear and the game continued with three umpires.

I once saw someone mistake a can of dip juice for a beer and the disgusting aftermath. If swallowing one's chew is anything like it, then Terry Collins is right on the money when he says "it's not good."


Umpire Brian O’Nora leaves game after reportedly swallowing his chew [Big League Stew]