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Brian Scalabrine Gets His Own Fake 30 For 30 Trailer

OK, this fake trailer for "Brian" is well done, but if we're being serious for a second, people would definitely watch a 30 for 30 on Brian Scalabrine.

There's more to him than just being the greatest benchwarmer ever. Scal was no pushover at USC. He'd have some fantastic stories about the Celtics' championship season. Hell, even his brief experience of playing with an Italian team would be worth a few minutes.


Outside of being an idol for goofy white guys, Scalabrine was so captivating because the expectations were set so low when he checked into a game. Even though he would destroy any of the people who adore him in actual basketball—and he has—Scalabrine exuded the illusion of the random tall dude who fell into a team's final roster spot by chance. It ignores the hard work he exerted to make it into the NBA (and stay there for 11 seasons), but he's accepted that perception gracefully.

If they've done a 30 for 30 on roto fantasy baseball, they can do one for the White Mamba.

H/t to Aaron

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