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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Brian Urlachers Brother Is Running For Mayor Of A Chicago Suburb

Reader Rory sends in the picture above of a Casey-Urlacher-for-Mayor-of-Mettawa sign taken on Mettawa's more successful hay farm. Aside from being the home of Casey Urlacher's political dreams, Mettawa is also the home of his older brother Brian's former team.


If you are worried about the junior Urlacher's chances in this race without the physical presence of Brian, just know, Casey has a rock solid platform. Like any judge or one trading in the prurient can tell you, a three-pronged approach is the best kind of approach. And Casey has just the approach, centered on good government, fiscal stewardship and quality of life.

On good government:

Transparency will be the cornerstone of my administration as Mayor. I am committed to keeping residents of our community fully informed. Using a variety of communication vehicles to provide information, I will seek public input on all issues of critical importance to our community.


On fiscal stewardship:

Maintaining our sound financial position - doing more with less whenever possible - being fiscally responsible and accountable, so we can maximize the current property tax rebate program.

On quality of life:

Maintain and enhance the unique character and integrity of our community through open land acquisition, sustainable land management and "low density" policies.


A vote for Urlacher is a vote for communication vehicles.

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