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Brian Urlacher's "Domestic" Woes

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You know, people keep telling us about this Brian Urlacher custody trial business in Chicago, and it just makes us uncomfortable. Like many football fans, we like to think of Urlacher as an old-school, square-jawed bruiser cut from the Butkus mold. So when we start reading stuff like this —

That was just one sign that the custody trial scheduled for October could get nasty. [A lawyer] testified that Urlacher had missed 22 scheduled visitations with his son since March, sometimes with only an hour's notice. Urlacher's lawyer, Donald Schiller, threw a few barbs of his own, saying he wants more financial information on Robertson's "mysterious'' life. And he said records on numerous lawsuits filed against Robertson through the years would show she has an "uncontrollable temper.'' The two sides also squabbled about who would drive to pick up or drop off the boy on visitation days. Robertson balked at having to drive to Urlacher's home.


— it's bothersome, you know? Brian Urlacher trading accusations with a former one-night stand through his lawyer? That's not supposed to happen, is it? Particularly one who once slept with the Lord of the Dance? Though we supposed when we look back through Urlacher's dating history, he's got some awfully nasty skeletons in his closet as well.

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