Bring Me The Head Of Mr. Met

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Imagine taking your kids to Disneyland, and watching in horror as someone runs up and yanks the head off of Donald Duck. Mets fans were traumatized in a similar fashion last night, as Fox News inadvertently broadcast the live decapitation of Mr. Met, who is seen in the background in this clip of post-debate discussion from Hofstra University having his head removed. What was Mr. Met doing at the Presidential debate? That question is enough to boggle the mind on its own. Sharp-eyed reader Dave Tepel tells the story:

Flipping through the channels after debate coverage, i stumbled on Fox News (unfortunately) when I saw Mr. Met hanging out in the background. Being a big Mets fan, I thought, "cool, Mr. Met is out hanging at Hofstra." I watched for another minute only to then see the horror of his live decapitation on tv and actually screamed out loud. I hope there were no children watching. I recorded the horror and put up on youtube. Please share so the world can learn from this tragedy."

You just can't breach the fourth wall like that, especially with emotionally scarred New York fans among the viewing audience. As Jim Croce once sang, you don't pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with Mr. Met. Another report, from reader Tim Fletcher:

Guys... Last night, as Greta Van Susteren was recapping the Gr8 Deb8... who comes sauntering through the backdrop? None other than Mr. Met!! For about ten to fifteen minutes, Mr. Met sauntered about in the background while Greta and guests dissected the Obama-McCain battle.

Also, can someone please explain this? I have to admit, Mr. Met's foray into politics has me somewhat befuddled. Fox News Doesn't Like Mr. Met [YouTube]