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British Mayor Scandalizes Tiny Town By Showing Up To Olympic Torch Parade Dressed As "Sausage"

61-year-old Jill Makinson-Sanders is mayor of Louth, Lincolnshire, England, a cozy town of 15,000 in the English countryside. (Jim Broadbent lives nearby.) Small-town politicians, as a matter of habit, do what they can to put their towns and their towns' industries on the national map. Makinson-Sanders says Louth has great sausages, and she planned to go to bat for the sausages.

She told the Grimsby Telegraph:

"We have the opportunity to tell the world that we have brilliant multi-award winning independent butchers in our ancient market town and that Lincolnshire sausages are very, very special."
"It took me quite a long time to track down a costume [from the British Sausage Appreciation Society] but I happily managed it eventually. I just hope it won't be too hot that morning!"


But Louth residents were afraid it would be a debacle, an embarrassing stunt that would shame the town. As you can see from the above photo of the mayor in costume taken on Wednesday, that was exactly what happened! She was an uninvited eight-foot-tall, uh, sausage.

The Mirror's man-on-the-street summed it up well:

Another Louth resident added: "Surely she could see that it looked more like a c***."


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