Britt McHenry Tweets, Deletes Claim That ESPN Demoted Her Because She Was White

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Former ESPN employee Britt McHenry got spicy on the internet last night while talking about her work history. McHenry said the Worldwide Leader demoted her because she was white.


Some time before noon today, McHenry deleted the tweet.

McHenry was caught in the round of ESPN layoffs in 2017, but her contract was honored, which meant that she was paid out for some time while she was earning headlines for saying that her conservative views were suppressed at the network. Former baseball analyst Curt Schilling has talked similar shit about how he wasn’t allowed to proclaim right-leaning opinions, even though Sage Steele and Will Cain are employed at ESPN and Schilling still doesn’t grasp that he was fired because his opinions were just baseless and hateful.


Politics is different than race, however. What McHenry said is a big claim and would be a big story! But McHenry didn’t want to talk about this on the record when I asked about it.

“I think there were a number of factors into laying me off,” McHenry said on the phone, before referencing her well-known conservative leanings. “I wish nothing but the best for the people there.”

ESPN, which apparently now employs zero white people in prominent positions, declined to comment on McHenry’s claim.