Broncos DE Derek Wolfe On The Patriots: "I Hate Everything About Them"

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The Patriots and the Broncos are in the midst of a rather entertaining shit talking session in the lead-up to tomorrow’s AFC Championship game. Earlier in the week, Broncos players called Brady a crybaby and talked some shit about how Rob Gronkowski was a dirty player. It’s abundantly clear that these two teams genuinely dislike each other (even if, no, the Broncos are not going to listen to a moron telling them to take late shots at Tom Brady) and that should make for quite the entertaining matchup.


Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe is the latest to take aim at New England, in an interview with the Denver Post:

“I hate everything about them,” he said. “They’re always in my way. They’re always in my way to get what I want.

“I’ve got a ton of respect for the whole organization. They’ve got great players — Tom Brady’s a great player. Bill Belichick’s a great coach. I’ve got a ton of respect for them. I just hate them.”


The Post also reports that Chris Harris will play for the Broncos. Looks like the most interesting football and beef-settling will happen when the Patriots have the ball.

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