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Broncos Safety Arrested In Vegas For Allegedly Cheating At Craps

Denver's Quinton Carter faces a suspension, fines, even prison time, after trying to cheat a crappy off-strip Vegas casino out of $15 worth of chips. Ocean's Eleven this is not.

According to police, Carter was arrested last Saturday night at the Texas Station casino in lovely North Las Vegas. Casino security accused him of adding chips to his craps bets after the dice had already been rolled, a high-risk, low-reward form of cheating called past posting. Carter denied wrongdoing, but this is Vegas—everything is on tape. Surveillance cameras reportedly caught Carter adding $5 chips to three different bets.


It's $15, but casinos don't fuck around. Committing a fraudulent act in a gaming establishment is a felony, and Carter faces three counts. Making things worse, he also has a warrant for failing to complete court-ordered counseling after a 2011 marijuana arrest.

Carter, who missed most of the 2012 season with a knee injury, released a brief statement on Twitter last night. "I am fully confident," it read in part, "that when the facts come out I will be cleared. I am truly sorry for any negative attention this has brought to the Broncos, our fans, and the league."

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