It’s gotta be Ohio State

Let’s not pretend like Ohio State isn’t going to be his destination barring something completely unforeseen. The Buckeyes missed out on bringing the greatest basketball player from the Midwest — much less their own backyard —ever into the fold by none of their own doing. LeBron was NBA-bound even if name, image, and likeness were in full swing in the early 2000s. But that’s the exact reason the influence on Bronny will likely draw him to Columbus. With his father placing some phone calls, getting a nice multi-million-dollar NIL package for Bronny shouldn’t be that hard. The amount of goodwill and publicity it would do for Ohio State basketball would far outweigh any costs to a true freshman.

Of course, anything can happen and James should have the respect of his father to truly go anywhere for college. But when your family is in the public eye and outside pressure may influence your hand, it’s hard to ignore that and shut it out. Bronny’s probably heard stories not for public consumption about what his dad would’ve done if he had the one-and-one rule, or if he delayed his NBA future by a few years. Becoming a Buckeye is in his blood and we’ll see that come to fruition in about two months.