Huntington Beach, Calif., hosted the U.S Open of Surfing this weekend, and shit got way out of hand. Shortly after the conclusion of the competition, downtown Huntington Beach was swarmed by a mass of bros, apparently driven a bit mad by the heat and the ocean air. Portable toilets were tipped, impromptu boxing matches were had, and a legitimate riot eventually broke out.

In the video above, you can see the seeds of trouble being sown. These bros need to rage, and they need to rage right now. Those poor port-a-potties never stood a chance.

Things eventually turned violent:

And some serious bro-on-bro crime was committed:

More general chaos, featuring plenty of skateboard-toting onlookers:

And finally, the culmination of the day's madness: police descending on the crowd and firing tear gas.

Maybe chill out a little bit next year, bros.

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