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Browns Hire John Dorsey Hours After Firing Sashi Brown; Are Still The Browns

It didn’t take the Browns long to replace former executive vice president Sashi Brown; less than 12 hours after declaring his firing, they announced John Dorsey as his replacement.


Dorsey, a former player with a background in scouting, marks a pretty clear departure from the analytics-heavy approach that Cleveland was previously following. He spent the last four years as general manager of the Chiefs, until the team decided to let him walk this summer, and worked in the Packers front office before that.

The speedy turnaround to fill the position means that questions are still swirling over the decision to can Brown and other key front office personnel while retaining head coach Hue Jackson. Amid persistent rumors that Jackson and Brown never got along, the coach today defended himself against the idea that he’d been trying to sabotage the front office by leaking information to the media:

“Criticizing the front office? How would I make the front office look bad? I coach a football team,” he said. “That right there is bad enough. 1-27 is bad enough. I don’t have to say anything. Just look at our football team. I’m a part of that as I said earlier.”

Great defense. Good luck to Dorsey with this.

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