Bruce Bowen Retires To Focus On Cutthroat Hair Salon Business

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Three-time NBA Champion Bruce Bowen is calling it a career at age 38. That should given him plenty of time to bum rush San Antonio hair spas and berate former employees for stealing his business.

Bowen was traded from San Antonio to Milwaukee this offseason, where the Bucks quickly bought out his contract, making him a free agent. Even though he's getting up there in age, there are probably plenty of teams that could use an occasional defensive specialist. Unfortunately, the pressures of competing for business in the shady hardcore world of southern Texas salons and spas just demands too much of his time.

Bowen and his wife, Yardley Barbon, are owners of Yardley's Salon & Spa in San Antonio. Last week, the couple walked into a rival salon called "Oasis" and started threatening two of the employees. The employees used to work for Yardley's and Bowen says they stole his company's client list before defecting to their new bosses.


Cops were called, Tweets were sent, "Bruce was cussing, and his wife was making threats, saying she was going to harass clients every day." You do not mess with a man's hair salon, people. How many times do I have say this?

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