Bruntlett's Unassisted Triple Play Closes Out the Mets

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The Mets rallied off of Phillies closer Brad Lidge in the bottom of the ninth, only to watch Jeff Francoeur line out to Eric Bruntett. The second baseman stepped on second and tagged Daniel Murphy to end the game.

It was just the second game-ending unassisted triple play (the first since Johnny Neun in 1927), and the 15th unassisted triple play of all time.


In other NL East action that interests myself and a perhaps few dozen others, the Nationals snapped a five-game losing streak with an 8-3 win over Milwaukee.

Video courtesy of The Fightins.


Another weekend, another painful moment for Mets fans everywhere. I didn’t intend to bookend the day like this, but that’s how things go sometimes. That’s it for me, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. DMV stand up.