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Bryan Stow Opens His Eyes, But Doctors Still Can't Predict His Chances Of Recovery

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Bryan Stow, the 42-year-old paramedic and San Francisco Giants fan brutally beaten by a pair of moral-maggot Dodger fans who have yet to be caught but most certainly will sizzle in Hell if such a place exists, has shown signs of improvement in recent days. Opening his eyes. No seizure activity in his brain. The sorts of steps that offer hope, yes, but no guarantees as they pertain to what the future may hold.


Here's what Dr. Geoff Manley, chief neurosurgeon at San Francisco General Hospital, had to say about it today:

"We just don't know right now," he said. "We're treating him as if he will make a recovery. We're being very aggressive. We're leaving no stone unturned. But time will tell."

The goal over the next several weeks is to taper the remaining medications to better assess damage to Stow's brain, Manley said. Los Angeles doctors had placed Stow in a medically induced coma in what Manley called an "epic struggle" to control his seizures, which can result in further brain injury. (Photo H/T Pool/Getty Images)


As for the investigation, ESPN Los Angeles is reporting that tips have led the LAPD in the direction of the dirtbags's alleged getaway driver, a complicit scumbagstress wearing an Andre Ethier jersey on Opening Day.

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