From the Washington Post comes a visual tour through Bryce Harper's customized Mercedes-Benz AMG. It's a snazzy car, but not nearly as ostentatious as some other customized vehicles that we've seen from athletes in the past. Although Harper gets plenty of points for subtlety, that doesn't mean that his car isn't chocked full of #NATITUDE.

The customized whip comes complete with a "BAM 34" decal on the trunk (a nod to "Bam Bam," Harper's childhood nickname), carbon-fiber everything, Harper's initials laser-inscribed into the floor mats, and a Washington Nationals logo placed right above the license plate.

The best feature, though, is by far the custom fitted baseball bat holder that sits in the trunk, where Harper can store his lumber in style. Even better is the guy who customized the car's explanation for including the bat rack. From the Washington Post:

"FBI or Secret Service agents might keep their weapons in their trunks. I figure his weapon is his baseball bat, so I put it in the trunk," Pro Motorsports owner Jim Lewis said.

That's some solid reasoning, and let's all hope that Harper decides to make a cool gun cocking noise every time he gets a bat out of the trunk.


Photo via Washington Post