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The Nationals beat the Reds last night 7-3 so it was really only an afterthought that Bryce Harper beat himself 10-0. After grounding out to second in the seventh inning, "Harper whacked a wall down the tunnel from the Nationals dugout with his bat." The bat then Mike Emricked off the wall and hit Harper in the face, drawing "copious" amounts of blood. He needed 10 stitches above his left eye after all was said and done.

"It doesn't hurt at all," Harper said, smiling. "I feel fine. I didn't get light-headed at all or nothing. I feel good."

Manger Davey Johnson said Harper could miss one or two games, but Harper insisted he wanted to play.

"I think I'm good," Harper said. "The doctor said I could play, so I'm going to play."


Harper was given a band aid and went back out to the field with blood streaking down his face. Teammates didn't seem to have a problem with the reckless behavior, though. Many understood the emotions and teammate Ian Desmond even gave Harper a new nickname—"Bam Bam."

Sure, that's one option.

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